**Here are the projects we are involved in, take a look and see if there is something that you are interested in!  (Please see our BOD/CChair page for contact people for specific opportunities)

City Federation Spring Bazaar, March

One day event featuring a silent auction, food and other items for sale.  MABC provides and serves the lunch for several hundred people that day. We are asked to prepare the food, that may be done at the City Federation Clubhouse prior to the event.  We are also needed to plate and serve food for 1-2 hours on bazaar day and to assist in the dining room.

Medical Alliance Fundraiser, Early Fall, annual
Chair: Melissa Bohannon

The fundraiser for MABC is a stay at home event where members can contribute financially to projects without having to leave the house!  We assist in mailings and follow up with other members.

Meals on Wheels, September-May
Chair: Patsy Posey, Pat Burkett

Deliver meals to the homebound with an assistant twice a month.  Meals are picked up at the senior center in downtown Temple and then delivered on a route that takes about 45 minutes.  Total commitment is about 4 hours a month.

Refreshment Committee

Assisting in providing refreshments for Medical Alliance events, coffees and luncheons, throughout our year.

Chair: Julie Ruiz

In the spring volunteers assist in preparing correspondence, screening applications and determining student eligibility for scholarships awarded each year by MABC and Bell County Medical Society. Applicants must be residents of Bell County and plan to attend a Bell County college or university while pursuing a career in a medically related field.